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multihost exim setup (general MTA question I guess)

OK, this is pretty complicated to me, so the chance of me misspeaking is
large. My basic setup is a small home network sitting behind a slink box
using ppp to talk to my ISP. Also of interest is part of my home network
which is a slink box setup as my workstation.

Currently, I manually run fetchmail on the workstation to retr mail from
my ISP directly to my workstation. (Outbound works fine right now also).

What I want is the server to do the fetchmail durring ip-up and ip-down.
That mail getting delivered to the servers MTA, and then the servers MTA
to be smart enough to deliver appropriate mail to the workstation. Also,
I need outbound mail on the workstation to keep going (maybe send it off
to the server where it is spooled until ip-up, when it gets send out.

Does anyone have eximrc's that demonstrate this kind of thing? I'm kinda
nervous about breaking my email (the one part of my system that I really
depend on).

Thanks All!

-Jonathan Lupa

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