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gnome panel... a few questions

I have the panel starting in my windowmaker environment via
(GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart) panel &.
I also load the gen_util_applet and gmc the same way.

Question 1) Very often when I load windowmaker it says there is already
a panel running, and do I want to continue.  I can see that there is
already a panel.  Saying no closes the existing panel.  Saying yes adds
another gen_util_applet to it.  If I close the second panel, which has
only the default buttons, both of the gen_util_applet's in my first
panel close too.

What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?  I'd like the panel to open
with the gen_util_applet, and one gnome-icu in it.

Question 2) I've looked around for this before, but never found
anything.  I would like a way to set the omnipresent window attribute to
false for gmc.  Currently it defaults to true, and that is annoying.

Question 3)  I have manual placement of windows activated.  Is it
possible to have some apps (eterm, gmc...) to ignore that, or rather to
have windowmaker ignore certain apps?  My goal is to have an eterm and
gmc autoopen when I startx, and not have to click the mouse to place

-Aaron Solochek

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