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Re: hard disks more than 8gb

hi ya...

but primarily, just make sure you are using LBA mode in the PC bios...
( LBA vs auto mode vs normal mode... etc...
auto detect is okay... ( auto on the left side of the bios screen )

- i have a few 10/13/17 GB maxtors all over the place...

- some older fdisk cannot handle large disks... ( use later fdisk )

have fun linuxing

> I bought a new HD (and a new MB and cpu for that matter.  BIG upgrade. 
> Re-installing EVERYTHING!)
> I am running debian 2.1.  Fdisk reported my 17.2 maxtor (which the bios
> sizes as about 16.8gb, so maxtor lies a little).  But linux fdisk only
> sees half of this.  MS fdisk sees ALL of the disk.  I thought I would
> have a problem here and have to resort to partition magic but I tried
> using the install from stormix linux (which is based on debian).  It's
> graphical partition s/w sees all the disk.  Anyone else have problems
> with drives larger than 8.4GB?
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