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Re: Ethernet

Morgoth3@aol.com wrote:
> I got a new computer and brought it to my college, and installed Debian on
> it.  However, when i installed it, i couldn't get the module for my NE2000
> compatible driver to install correctly.  Does anyone know how to reinstall?

No need, just recompile a kernel, it's better to include the NE2K driver instead
of leaving it in a module.

> ...   Secondly, I tried to install dhcpcd.  But when i install it, i
> get a "subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"
> error.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks.

If you made it with deselect, perhaps you have not very much ram; try instead to
download the .deb package, and type 'dpkg -i dhcpcd-x.x.x.deb', it use less ram
then deselect does.

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