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Good books

     I'm a total newbie with linux. I downloaded Debian, and put it on my
second hard drive, total capacity about 435 meg. I partitioned it to
reserve 100 meg for dos, put about 10% of the remainder aside for swap,
and the rest is for linux.
     This being kind of small, when I installed Debian, I just installed
the Standard package, Dialup, and Small XWindows.
     The "man" command doens't appear to be active, and the /usr/doc files
don't have a lot of information. Most of it seems to be changelog and
copyright, so I'm thinking of deleting all of it.
      What sort of how-to books would be helpful? I'd like the equivalent
of the old Understanding MSDOS and Supercharging MSDOS books, published
by QUE, I think. I want to learn how to get a color screen at the root
level, set up and optimize FSTAB, and ultimately, if I have enough with
the system I've got, to install and use Netscape for UNIX and STAR Office.

Frank Starr

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