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From: sergiomoretti@mailandnews.com (Sergio Moretti)
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Subject: Re: [Debian-user] Fetchmail not exiting in ip-down
Date: 3 Sep 1999 20:11:49 GMT
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In article <19990903115513.B20473@empire.net.au>, Damon Muller wrote:
>My script in ip-down.d looks like this:
>su -c '/usr/bin/fetchmail --quit' damon
>This one doesn't seem to work at all. After I log off, the fetchmail
>process is still working, and I see fetchmail messages in my xconsole.

check that the name of the script is ok for run-parts (man run-parts), it
has some rules about name of files it try to execute.

hi, sergio.

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