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Re: more net install

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Ron Stordahl wrote:

> Perhaps youi can suggest how one would do that Jason.  You see I am in the
> middle of an install from CD, and in order to take advantage of the
> pre-rolled profiles (Standard, Development, Workstation, etc) I must answer
> Y to the question do I wish to use pre-rolled profiles.  Believe me I do as
> a novice, otherwise I am faced with making choices from 2500 packages, most
> of which I know nothing about.  Once having made the choice 'Y' I am kicked
> immediately into dselect and the Select step is performed automatically.
> dselect is running now and if I abort it I will lose the pre-rolled profile.
> Perhaps you know a way around this while preserving the profile I have
> selected?

Are you sure you will lose the pre-rolled profile?  It seems to me that
once the Select step is done, dselect saves the list of packages
somewhere.  I think I can go into the Select step, choose something, and
then choose "Quit" instead of the Install step and it will remember that I
want that package next time I run dselect.  Your mileage may vary though,
as I know nothing about apt. 

Hope this helps,

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