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Re: more net install

From: Jason Gunthorpe

: On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Ron Stordahl wrote:
: > Jason: I was running 'apt' from dselect where it asks you for network
: > addresses to get the downloads from.  Arn't you trying to install Debian
: > using the 2 binary CD's?  If you do that I don't see where the
: > to enter what you suggest will present itself.  Maybe we are talking
about 2
: > different things.
: Do that before running apt
: Jason

Perhaps youi can suggest how one would do that Jason.  You see I am in the
middle of an install from CD, and in order to take advantage of the
pre-rolled profiles (Standard, Development, Workstation, etc) I must answer
Y to the question do I wish to use pre-rolled profiles.  Believe me I do as
a novice, otherwise I am faced with making choices from 2500 packages, most
of which I know nothing about.  Once having made the choice 'Y' I am kicked
immediately into dselect and the Select step is performed automatically.
dselect is running now and if I abort it I will lose the pre-rolled profile.
Perhaps you know a way around this while preserving the profile I have

By the way I solved this by asking my network guy to skirt me around the
proxy server, but not everyone would have this option.

And I should add that I use the CD for almost all of the packages, I just do
the apt step after doing all I can from the CD.  The apt step is very useful
as it updates anything which is old from the CD's and perhaps adds new
things which are not on the CD, all while saving me hours and hours of
download time if I were to do 100% network install.  Its a very good


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