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Re: more net install

On 03-Sep-99 Ron Stordahl wrote:
>: Oh woops, that was supposed to read 'do that before running dselect' :>
>: > the apt step after doing all I can from the CD.  The apt step is very
> useful
>: > as it updates anything which is old from the CD's and perhaps adds new
>: > things which are not on the CD, all while saving me hours and hours of
>: > download time if I were to do 100% network install.  Its a very good
>: > combination!
>: You can get APT from http://www.debian.org/~jgg/ which has
>: native support for CD-ROMS, run the apt-cdrom tool and you can combine the
>: CD with the downloading with preference given to the CD.
>: Jason
> Maybe I am not making it clear that at that point I am in the middle of
> executing an install script from the CD.  I see no way to abort it while
> retaining the profiles completing the execution of that script, which does
> additional needed things after dselect completes.

At any time, press Alt+F2 to switch to another console.  During the install,
simply pressing Enter will give you a command prompt where you can do other
things.  Once you have linux installed, you can do this is a well, from F1 - F6.
Then, when you are done doing your stuff there, press Alt+F1 to get back to
dselect or wherever you left off.

Wim Kerkhoff              

Nearly every complex solution to a programming problem that I
have looked at carefully has turned out to be wrong.
                -- Brent Welch

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