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X server 3.3.4 is slow!


I'm running potato and just upgraded to the SVGA X server (3.3.4). I
discovered that it was *extremely* slow -- the screen repaints are very
noticeable and every time it repaints, it takes so much CPU that my background
MP3 player (or is it the sound driver) jitters horribly.

I'm using a SiS 6326 AGP chipset. I know this isn't very well supported by X,
but the previous X server I used (3.3.3) didn't exhibit this slowdown problem.
As a side note, I had to use `no_bitblt' and `sw_cursor' for either server to
work properly (otherwise there would be strange color shifts when an area of
the screen is rapidly updated). The 3.3.4 server worked fine without
`sw_cursor' but exhibited the terrible slowdown problem. The 3.3.3 server
required `sw_cursor' but was otherwise OK.

I've temporarily switched the default X server to a copy of the 3.3.3 server.
But I'd like to know why the 3.3.4 server is exhibiting this problem? I'd like
to use the 3.3.4 server if I could.

Also, does anybody know if XFree86 is planning to release a server that can
actually support *accelerated* modes (specifically bitblt) on the SiS 6326?? I
checked their website but didn't find much info.


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