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Re: SB PCI 128 & Volume


On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 06:38:21PM +0000, Cheshire wrote:
> Well I finally got around to compiling a new kernel with sound support..
> I have my PCI 128 working with the ess1730 (err, I think, don't remember
> those numbers exactly but it's the one of two that doesn't end with 1..
> probably not important anyway) and the volume coming out of the card is
> terribly low. Is there something I can use for software amplification?

I have a sound card with the ES1371 chipset. It is almost the same as the

First try to set all the volumes to maximum. Try using gom (It's packaged in
Debian), something like this:

gom --device=/dev/mixer -i t

If it is still low, then try using the ALSA drivers.

Volume has always been kind of low. I tried the ALSA drivers and it was
louder. I think it was about 2x of what I was getting before.

I went back to the kernel OSS drivers because the ALSA drivers for
the ES1371 have some problems, but they should be fine for the ES1370.
(According to ALSA docs). Instead of waiting for the next ALSA release, I
got a good amplifier for my speakers...

You can get the latest ALSA drivers from:


Good luck!

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