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Re: Kppp for "normal" users

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 07:14:59PM -0700, John Hall wrote:
> I've been able to set up and use Kppp as root, but of course I don't
> want to surf the web as root. How do I use pppd as a normal user. Do I
> need to write a special setuid. If so, how do I? Thanx

I've really been impressed with wvdial.  Set up a simple config file and it
guesses the best way to log on.

> P.s. This subject really should be more user friendly for single-user
> operators of Linux. I've been trying to get my Linux machine online for
> a few days on end.

And a Linux machine without Internet access is a terrible thing, I know it. 
It just wants to phone home...

Jonathan Markevich <debian@markevich.ourfamily.com>

Detroit is Cleveland without the glitter.

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