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Loosing keyboard w/switching X & console!

This is wierd! I recently upgraded by system bios to the one recommended
on the web site of the manufacturer. Ever since I did, I have been
intermittently loosing my keyboard connection when I use the CTRL-ALT-F2
to switch from Xwindows to the Console screens. It does not seem to
follow any pattern and I simply have to hit the switch to reboot the
system (OUCH!!!) Obviously Linux really does not like this. I suppose I
could reinstall the old bios as I never had any probs with it, however I
need the upgrade for a new 27.Gb hard drive installation. Any thoughts
as to whether the bios update or maybe something else might be causing
this. This is the only problem so far.
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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