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Re: Using one maildrop for multiple accounts


Try http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue43/stumpel.html.  It has a great
explanation of how to set up  Exim and Fetchmail.

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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 1999 9:36 AM
Subject: Using one maildrop for multiple accounts

> Hi folks
> Not sure if I've quite captured what I mean in the subject line, so
> I'll try and explain what I mean:
> I am looking after a domain (presbyteryofhamilton.co.uk) with WWW
> pages and a number of e-mail addresses. While we can set up any number
> of POP3 e-mail boxes on the server there, and/or have e-mail to
> particular boxes forwarded to users real accounts, this costs on a
> per-mailbox basis.... Looking for c.100 mailboxes, but with very low
> traffic expected!
> Now, I have a spare POP3 box at my own ISP, and am running Linux
> (RedHat 5.2 with some local modifications, if it makes any
> difference). Is there any software which would allow me to use that
> spare POP3 box as the destination for all mail from the
> 'presbyteryofhamilton' domain and auto-forward it to the relevant
> users?
> ie have all e-mail sent @presbyteryofhamilton.co.uk forwarded to
> (something like) 'presbyteryofhamilton@btinternet.com' (this wouldn't
> cost us anything extra), which would then be processed by package XXXX
> on my home machine, and stuffed back into the mail queue, redirected
> to whoever is looking after the particular account in question?
> So, stuff for
>    'clerk@presbyteryofhamilton.co.uk' would go to 'jim@somewhere.com'
>    'moderator@...' would go to 'george@somewhere.else.com'
> and so on.
> I am currently using fetchmail 4.5.8 to download POP3 mail and hand it
> off to local users, and sendmail (8.8.7).
> Any pointers appreciated!
> Cheers
> Colin
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