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Re: ipx problem with 2.2.x

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Gregory T. Norris wrote:

Hi Gregory,

> Judging from some posts to the linux-kernel mailing list, it's also
> possible to get a flood of directed (i.e. non-broadcast) IPX packets
> when running slist.  That's what I think I ran into... unfortunately it
> seems to be difficult to reproduce, so there might be a race involved
> somewhere.

I installed 2.0.38 and the problem seems to be gone. But I have some
little side effect now: the machines running netbios over ipx/spx can't
browse windows network now. I think this is because 2.0.38 haven't spx
support yet.

But the novell app works fine.

> In fact, the original reporter and myself are both on token-ring
> networks using the oltr driver (@#%! binary-only) from Olicom.  Since I
> hadn't heard of anyone else running into this particular problem, I
> rather suspect the oltr driver (don't know for certain, tho).  You
> wouldn't happen to be using that one, by any chance?

I haven't idea about what oltr driver is! :(( My need for ipx/spx is
because this linux box acts as a firewall/masquerading internally from my
department to the rest of the institute. The figure is like:

                                             |       |        |     |
                                         eth0|       |        |     |
                                         MyLinux   Novell   WinNT  AIX
                                          |    |
                                          |    |
                  approx.15 machines-----eth1 eth0--approx 15 machines

the machines in both segments (eth1 and eth0) runs windows+netware apps,
as well as some other linux. All of them use private IP's
been masquerade at MyLinux (eth0 has a valid IP).

So I need IPX/SPX support in MyLinux so that novell apps running on eth1
or eth0 can access Novell servers.

If have any suggestion...

Mario O.de Menezes            "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but
    IPEN-CNEN/SP                 is the Lord's purpose that prevails"
http://curiango.ipen.br/~mario                 Prov. 19.21

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