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Re: ipx problem with 2.2.x

> I tried the patch. Unfortunately it seems that it didn't correct the
> problem for me. I still have a big collision rate, bringing down my entire
> network.

That's unfortunate... it did seem to correct the rush of broadcast packets
I was seeing.  Unfortunately I still got a packetstorm later when I ran
a slist.  Only once tho, I wasn't able to reproduce it afterward.

> BTW, the 2.2.13pre1 patch is from Alan Cox?


> Can I apply this patch using the patch-kernel script? I put it in the
> script directory, renamed to patch-2.2.13 and ran patch-kernel. Is
> this correct? It seems that it applied the patch :-|

I've always applied the AC patches and pre-patches manually (although I
use patch-kernel on the released patches).  I just tried it like you
did, however, and it applied just fine.

> > When I tried it out, it did indeed correct the problem for me.
> > Unfortunately I seem to have stumbled onto another IPX problem, but I
> > suspect it to be an unrelated issue.
> any success here? maybe the problem remain there :-(

Judging from some posts to the linux-kernel mailing list, it's also
possible to get a flood of directed (i.e. non-broadcast) IPX packets
when running slist.  That's what I think I ran into... unfortunately it
seems to be difficult to reproduce, so there might be a race involved

In fact, the original reporter and myself are both on token-ring
networks using the oltr driver (@#%! binary-only) from Olicom.  Since I
hadn't heard of anyone else running into this particular problem, I
rather suspect the oltr driver (don't know for certain, tho).  You
wouldn't happen to be using that one, by any chance?

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