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Re: Limited Bandwidth for Linux-router

In article <cistron.000301bef507$c299fb40$2968bec3@hakuna-matata.ct.spb.ru>,
Alex V. Toropov <alex@ct.spb.ru> wrote:
>Hi, all,
>Need a quick answer for my boss about possibility to limit bandwidth for
>special kind
>of ip-traffic (for specific source/dest network) .
>Linux-box is gateway from LAN to Internet. So this limitation is needed on
>WAN-NetInterface or on internal (kernel ?) routing.

You need to run the 2.2.12 kernel, compiled with QoS and/or fair queueing,
enable at least the CBQ discipline, then get the README and cbq.init script
from ftp://ftp.equinox.gu.net/pub/linux/cbq/

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