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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Guide to installation and usage

Jemfinch02@aol.com wrote:
> I recently purchased this book, being interested in the Debian distro, and 
> would like to install it on a computer that cannot boot from the cdrom.  I 
> read through the book until I got to chapter 2, page 20, where it gives 
> directions on how to make a bootup floppy from the included cd with which to 
> install Debian.  However, the procedures outlined include accessing 
> directories and files which were not on the disc.  Specifically, there is no 
> subdirectory "DISK-I386" of d:\dists\slink\main.

>From debian weekly news:

Anyone who bought the first printing of "Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to
Installation and Usage" got a book with binary CD #2 in the back,
instead of CD #1 which is required to install Debian. The publisher is
aware of the mistake and is offering [12]free replacement CDs.

12. http://www.newriders.com/debian/badcd.html

see shy jo

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