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Debian GNU/Linux Guide to installation and usage

I recently purchased this book, being interested in the Debian distro, and 
would like to install it on a computer that cannot boot from the cdrom.  I 
read through the book until I got to chapter 2, page 20, where it gives 
directions on how to make a bootup floppy from the included cd with which to 
install Debian.  However, the procedures outlined include accessing 
directories and files which were not on the disc.  Specifically, there is no 
subdirectory "DISK-I386" of d:\dists\slink\main.

In order to make the bootup floppies i need, it seems i need 3 files: 
rawrite2.(exe, i assume), resc1440.bin, and drv1440.bin.  Where can I find 
these on the internet, or if they aren't available on the internet, can 
someone send them to me by email?

Jeremy Fincher

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