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Re: Hardware Compatibility

Marcelo Ramos wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 07:07:10PM -0700, Mark Hendriks wrote:
> >
> > How do I find out if Linux will run (and recognise the video chipset) on this
> > type of motherboard?  Would Linux distinguish between this type of motherboard,
> > and a "standard" motherboard?  If not, would Linux treat the video chipset as
> > just another video "card?"  What kind of video card?

Linux would not distinguish between the two. You would have to check the
chipset of the video card to see what kind it is and look on
http://www.xfree86.org to see if X supports it (and, if it does support
it, what version of X you require).

> I have a motherboard with video card on-board and works nicely. I think there
> is not problems with Linux and on-board video cards (if it is supported).
> If the video card is on-board I would be almost sure it is PCI.

A motherboard with an on-board video card would look no different to
Linux than a seperate motherboard and video card. Electrically they
would be identical (the pci bus would connect the two via tracks on the
motherboard instead of pins in a pci slot).

PCI or not PCI makes no difference either... it's the video chipset
we're interested in.

As for the sound card, find out what type it is first. You could check
the linux hardware database (http://lhd.datapower.com/) but there's not
many listed there. Doesn't mean yours won't work.
The kernel may support it... I'm not sure where to look for the list
(other than the kernel sources themselves).
You could also search freshmeat (www.freshmeat.net) for ALSA (advanced
linux sound architecture). ALSA is not free, but it may support the
sound card.

The modem will probably work as long as its not a winmodem.


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