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Hardware Compatibility


This is  question that I couldn't find the answer to on either the Linux or
Debian web site.  I've also been considering FreeBSD, but I couldn't find the
answer on their web site either.

I am finally aproaching the day when I will replace the ancient piece of junk
which I am currently using.  As I do not have a large amount of money to put
into a computer, I have been looking at some less expensive systems.  The top
contender so far in terms of price/value is one that has video, sound and a
modem on the motherboard.

How do I find out if Linux will run (and recognise the video chipset) on this
type of motherboard?  Would Linux distinguish between this type of motherboard,
and a "standard" motherboard?  If not, would Linux treat the video chipset as
just another video "card?"  What kind of video card?

I don't even know if I need to worry about this, or if I'm asking the right

Any answers you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  bogh tlhInganpu', SuvwI'pu' moj, Hegh
  - "Klingons are born, live as warriors, then die."
  source: The Klingon Way, Mark Okrand, 1996

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