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Re: mouse problem

S Manikandan wrote:
> Hi all,
>         Recently installed Debian Linux 2.1 ,mouse server gpm is not
> starting & it
>  says that freopen(stderr) not able to open.my mouse type is PS/2.X server
> is starting,but be'coz mouse is not moving,Iam not able to do anything
> ,without mouse.Is it possible to work with X without mouse,like with
> keyboard shortcuts.How can i change my X server desktop to Windoze kinda of
> desktop.
>         Any help will be appreciated,
> TIA,
> Mani.
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You might want to look in /etc/gpm.conf to make sure the
"device=" line is pointing to your correct mouse port

Also, you might want to re-run the "gpmconfig" app; it'll give
you the option to test your settings before writing the config

Other than that, you'll have to wait for someone more
knowledgeable to answer.

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