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Re: moving /var to another partition??

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999 kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:

 : Hi,
 : I'm setting up to upgrade my system to potato (while I sleep :) and know
 : that there's not enough room in /var/cache/apt/archives/.  I've got another
 : partition to work with and could either symlink that dir to the new
 : partition, or move /var over (it's on it's own part. now).
 : Question is... which is likely best?  Or should I go into mtab and mount the
 : new partition at /var/cache/apt/archives/ (if that's possible)?

Don't touch /etc/mtab; use /etc/fstab instead.  You could mount your new
filesystem on /var/cache/apt/archives/ if you like.

 : And am I correst in thinking that a
 :    cp -aR /var/* /newpartition 
 : followed by mtab changes is correct for shifting partitions?  I seem to
 : recall this as the MO for such stuff.

I prefer this:

  cd /var; find . -xdev -print | cpio -padm /target

Replace var with the source dir, /target with the mountpoint of the new
fs (usually /mnt around here)

Again, you want to change /etc/fstab, not /etc/mtab.

It's generally best to go to single-user (init 1) if you're going to
move filesystems around.

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