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Davicom 9102 NIC w/ 2.1.12 kernel


I recently purchased a MB that has pretty much everything integrated onto
it, including the NIC and sound card.  The manufacturer of the NIC was
kind enough to actually write up a linux driver which must be compiled and
added to the kernel as a module.  Prior to my switching (or attempting to)
to kernel 2.2.x, I was running generic slink, and the module compiled just
fine.  trying it now gives me the error message that the module was
compiled for 2.0.36, and that it won't work...is there any way around
this? am i stuck with 2.0.36 unless I get a new NIC?

the main reason why I went with the new kernel was for [assumed] better
sound card support...I don't know if the SC is sound blaster compatible,
and I didn't see it mentioned as a supported model.  am I SOL here too?

[and the reason why I am having problems with gtk, is 'cus I wanted and
irc app to ask questions in #linux....what a tangled web]


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