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Re: light spreadsheet for stable?

You might want to look at either Abs or Abacus .....

Abacus has a deb package (meaning you can install it by typing apt-get install
abacus), and is only around 400k large after installation.

Abs hasn't been debianized AFAIK, and can be found here:
http://www.ping.be/bertin/abs.shtml .. it weighs in after compilation at around 700k,
although if you stripped the binary this would probably be a good deal smaller.

I haven't really messed with either one enough to be able to say which is better, but
from what you describe, one or the other might fit the bill for you.  Good luck.


"Richard E. Hawkins" wrote:

> I need to find as light as possible a spreadsheet that still works
> reasonably will for stable.  I'll recall Thumper's daddy's advice, and
> not say anything at all about oleo and siag.  Staroffice 5 in 16mb is
> out of the question, an gnumeric seems to want gnome, which suggest
> that it too will suck resources.
> I really only need this for grades (so I need the elementary lookup
> functions), and to hold/sort data to dump for mail-merge.  But it needs
> to play nicely with other applications on a 16mb system (And I'll leave
> aside the issue of issuing faculty 16mb P120's . . . :)
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