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problems with 2.2.11 and serial port (pilot, camera)

Is anybody else trying to use pilot-manager under a 2.2 kernel?

Does it work for you?

Under 2.2.11, I am having persistent problems with pilot-manager that
vanish when I boot 2.0.36. Also, I am having similar problems with
kdcpi, a perl script that can talk to my Kodak digital camera - works
fine under 2.0.36, fails under 2.2.11.

I tried using lrzsz to transfer a file from another Linux box to this
one, and that failed for (probably) unrelated reasons (sz segfaults on
the other box).

Just cp'ing a file over the serial port actually worked, though!

I am running slink with a dash of potato (including libc6 2.1.1-13) on
a Toshiba 4020CDT.
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