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Re: Hi all and a question

	Subject: Hi all and a question
	Date: Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 11:52:40PM +0200

In reply to:jmmv@mail.com

Quoting jmmv@mail.com(jmmv@mail.com):
> Hi all,
> I'm new at this list and I want to ask something:
> Is there any program to check which libraries are unused on a system, so,
> any program doesn't depends on them ?

Have you tried the binstats package?
>From the README
Features include:
 1) tally of a.out and ELF binaries, dynamically and statically linked,
    unstripped and setuid
 2) tally of Java bytecode binaries (if you run file-3.20+)
 3) tally of text files distinguishing between Bourne, bash and [T]C shells,
    other interpreted scripts, perl scripts & unidentified texts
 4) tally of duplicated executable names
 5) tally of binaries with missing dynamic libraries
 6) tally of DLL and ELF dynamic libraries, used and unused
 7) a log of all the above tallies plus listing a.out binaries, statically
    linked binaries, unstripped binaries, setuid binaries, duplicated
    executables, missing library binaries, all unidentified text files,
    all used and unused dynamic libraries
 8) a C program that dereferences symbolic links
 9) a command line interface(!)

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