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Re: Text processing under Linux - newbie question

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Alex V. Toropov wrote:

> Hi all !

Hi, Alex

> Please tell me (a new linux/Unix user) where to start learning
> about possble text processing apps under linux.
> I've heard such words as "TeX", "LaTeX", "TeTeX", "Emacs" that should
> deal with subj. But where can i find some kind of "introduction" and
> "feature description" for this apps and "general conception" for using them.

there is paper called "Not so short introduction into
LaTeX2e", it is in tetex-doc package and on potato system
the file name is /usr/doc/texmf/latex/general/lshort.dvi.gz

If you do prefer Russian translation, it could be found on



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