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Re: Text processing under Linux - newbie question

engelke@math.uni-hamburg.de (Stephan Engelke) writes:

> Oh, and as opposed to MS word TeX/LaTeX handles 50+ pages without
> thought...
And unlike MS-Winword the combination of Emacs/XEmacs (using the
AUCTeX and RefTeX lisp packages for ease of use) with TeX/LaTeX easily
handles e.g. hundreds (or even thousands) of pages containing numerous
cross references, footnotes, bibliographic information and graphics
without second thought even.  As an added (default-)benefit one mostly
hasn't to bother about layout questions and correct table of contents,
list of {tables,figures} and so on because this is taken care of
almost automagically. I just love it! :-)

But for DTP oriented publishing i wouldn't really want to bother with
TeX/LaTeX though... ;-)
                                   Cheers, P. *8^)
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