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Re: Text processing under Linux - newbie question

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Alex V. Toropov wrote:

> Please tell me (a new linux/Unix user) where to start learning
> about possble text processing apps under linux.

In Your case I would start with lyx. Of course it depends on, how complex
and nice texts you want to do. With lyx you can do practically anything,
which is possible with tex-processing and the learning curve is very
easy. There are rather good learning material included with the lyx
package as well. (Lyx is based on Tex and everything, which is possible
with tex is possible with lyx. But lyx is almost WYSIWYG, which tex is

If you need to make only ascii text quickly then I would recommend ee
(easy editor) and nedit (nirvana editor).  

There is another package, which can do practically anything and which is
easy to start using. It is Xemacs. To make nice wordprocessing with that
is in my opinion a little more difficult than using lyx. 


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