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Re: network setup

On Wed 09/01/99 03:03PM, zdrysdal@diagnostic.co.nz wrote:
> Hi all
> with ifconfig i get a listing for eth0: which relates to my local
> ip-address.  I have however a psuedonym for relations with a firewall i
> think.. anyways, when i add eth0:1 etc in the etc/init.d/network file and
> reboot... it comes up saying it doesn't know anything about interface
> eth0:1.
> How do i set up this eth0:1.. it uses the same network card so modconf
> didn't give me any clues.

On my system, my NICs are eth0 and eth1. AFAIK, there is no eth0:1.
Maybe you could post your /etc/init.d/network file for us to check

BTW, this is to anyone who cares to answer (not to you in
particular, zdrysdal). Is one's (semi)static IP address considered
sensitive info? Is it a good idea to edit it out of posts? Just
curious, cuz I do when I have to post files that contain it.

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