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Re: Help with packages

Luca Bonci wrote:

> Hello everyone, I just installed Debian slink on a PII and as a first
> attempt I choose to
> install the minimal configuration.
> Now I would like to go back to the nice page that let you choose the
> installation profile.
> I mean the installation step where we can choose to install a standalone
> machine, a server, a scientific workstation and so on.
> But I am not able to do it!

I don't beleive you can without starting over.  But you can run dselect again and
load any or all of the remaining packages. I know it's tedious scrolling through some
2000+ packages, but when you get done you'll have exactly what "you" want on your
computer. Simply select what you want and accept all the dependant packages that
dselect recommends. At the same time you can select for removal any package that
you've tried but don't want to keep.

Read the help page in dselect for more info.


> Is there any file which tells dselect or apt which are the packages you
> want to install?
> I did not find anything on the installation CD.
> Thank-you for your help
> Luca
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