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Re: Strange behaviour of Apache JServ

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> I'm currently running a Java servlet that I wrote on Apache JServ. I'm getting
> this strange behaviour that every time I restart Apache, and then access the
> servlet, Apache returns a page complaining of an internal configuration/
> runtime error. However, if I persistently reload the page, at some point the
> servlet suddenly starts to work, and from that point on, everything functions
> as normal, and the servlet can process queries without any errors.

The jserv stuff takes a while to start up. Apache accepts connections long
before the jserv parts are running after a restart.

On my P133 it takes a few minutes <5 on my new PIII it takes about 1-2

I hope this is the problem try 
ps axuww| grep apache
as you restart it will show you that /usr/sbin/apache is running and then
"slowly" the jserv stuff starts up.


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