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Newbie - Mail question and other odds and ends

Wow - linux is not for the faint of heart.  After a number iterations of 
deselect I have both Xwindows and netscape happening.  I have to 
say that dselect seems to be pretty good at keeping track of what 
has and hasn't been installed, and making sure that it gets fixed 
the next time around.

Thanks to all who helped me out (I think I had a dozen replies!).

Today's challenge is mail.  I gather that getting and sending my 
email via dial up is a process that needs a number of components.  
Initially I think I'll just use Netscape as an email package. 
(Although I LOVE Pegasus mail on my PC).  

WVdial is working wonderful, so what bits do I need in the chain to 
get my mail to and from Netscape?  And what programs configure 
them?  Obviously I'd like the mail for a user to reside in their home 

A couple of quickies as well: I gather that there are configuration 
files for most of the things that I've installed.  Is there a convention 
for naming these (like ending them in .conf), and where are they 
likely to be kept?

A Debian specific one: when installing from discs one is presented 
with a nice package that allows you to install various components 
like mice and CDROMs and such.  Is that tool still accessible after 
you've installed the base system?

Thanks folks - last time you saved me several hours.


Barry Rueger & Victoria Fenner
Bagatelle Communications & Management       
22 Ashburn Dr, Nepean ON K2E 6N3    613-274-4441  Phone
http://www.synapse.net/~rueger/     613-274-4442  Fax 

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