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How to kill a process (if kill -9 does not work)?

Hi there!

I ran into a problem today where xcdroast crashed several times when
reading a cd image off a cd and I wanted to kill it. No big thing I
thought, send it a SIGTERM, if this does not work, use a SIGKILL.

Well, I did so but after I sent it a SIGTERM using 
kill -s 9 <processid>
`ps` still showed the process.

Then I killed the parent process of xcdroast (bash) in the hope this
would work. No luck, xcdroast was still there.

The next thing I tried was sending a SIGTERM and then a SIGKILL to all 
processes but init using SysRQ. After logging in again, xcdroast still 
was a process.

I tried to reboot my computer but `umount -a -r` claimed some
partition was still busy (the partition xcdroast wrote the image file
to. I tried with different partitions and it was always the one
xcdroast wrote the image file to).

SysRQ s && SysRQ u saved the day...

What I'ld like to know wheter there is a more elegant way to kill such 
a process without rebooting.

Thank you

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