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Multiple EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA cards?

I'm trying to add a second Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA NIC card to a
system and have had no luck so far. I've read the Ethernet HOWTO and
Multiple Ethernet Card Mini-HOWTO but the advice in there hasn't helped so

First I installed the second NIC and configured it using 'softset2' to NOT
PnP with irq = 11, io = 0x320. I've compiled EtherExpress Pro/10+ support
into the kernel (v. 2.2.10) as a module. I added the following to

alias eth0 eepro
alias eth1 eepro

I added the following to /etc/modutils/modconf (this technique is from the

options eepro io=0x300,0x320

When I boot the system, however, there is an error that says

/lib/modules/2.2.10/net/eepro.o too many options for io.

I've tried looking at eepro.c to see where this error might be coming from
but these strings aren't in that file. I've also searched the net to see
if there is some other hint somewhere. While I keep working on this, I
wonder if anyone here has run into this situation before?


Steve Witt                                    Raytheon Systems Company
Network Technology and Systems Group          1901 West Malvern Ave 
(714) 732-0161                                Fullerton, CA  92834

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