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Need tips on using apt with src

I recently tried using apt pointed at the source codes on potato. I want
to try getting it to compile several applications to run on slink. This
seemed to work until apt tried to compile the app (newt30) that I
wanted. It kept giving error codes and failed to compile. I read all the
docs and checked for mail on this, no luck. Anyone had any positive
results doing this? I think this is a great idea if it can be made to
work. The error codes seemed to be based on several dependencies. I
tried several different app sources ( slang, apt, etc.) with no positive
results. I also noted that apt created a directory with the app name
also. I thought it was supposed to build a .deb file and install it. Any
thoughts on that?
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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