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Re: uploads over modem are SLOOOOOW!

*- On 22 Aug, Lee Elliott wrote about "Re: uploads over modem are SLOOOOOW!"
> On 21-Aug-99, you wrote:
> HF> Lee Elliott wrote:
> HF> 
> HF>> screen? Do pppload and wmppp show only data successfully
> HF>> transferred?
> HF>               ^^^
> HF>            what`s that?
> HF> 
> HF> greetings,
> HF> 
> HF> i cannot find this programm with dselect or in
> HF> http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages. could you give me a hint
> HF> where to look for the package?
> HF> 
> HF> regards
> I don't know of a specific package for Debian but I've seen them for
> other O/Ss and would be suprised if some one hadn't done one for linux.

It is not a debian package as far as I can tell.  But there is a rpm at
the site which you can use alien to convert to a deb.


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