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Re: NFS and file locking

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Stephen Pitts wrote:

> Wordperfect (evidently using flock()) works fine. An strace on kexpress,
> however, reveals that gdbm uses fcntrl! Perhaps I'll look into it and
> submit a patch at some point.

It's possble that the NFS client software in the kernel simply translates
fcntl() style locks into flock() style locks for NFS.  I'm not as
in-the-know as I may appear.

> Since you seem to be in the know, does Coda offer any better locking
> support?

Yes.  Although locking via a network is in general a very difficult thing
to get right, Coda is superior to NFS in almost all ways (except maturity,
of course).

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