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Re: No network?

As root, type 'ifconfig' and post the output to the list.  Knowledgeable
people on the list (not necessarily myself) are pretty good at trouble-
shooting NIC problems using this output.


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>>> <faoho@ringamt.dk> 08/18 4:21 AM >>>
Hello from a newbie (please be patient!)

I've just installed a std.server.
I have 2 windows machines and the linux box.
I can ping from one windows machine 1 ( to windowsmachine
When I ping the linux ( - ping times out.
I can ping the linux box from the linux box, but not the windows-machines.
Netmask is set to at all mashines.
Linux-box will be it's own dns
No gateway
Network-ip-address (I think - I don't remember...just accepted the
The linuxbox has a eth0 installed with no error-messages in the startup-screen.
What can I do to troubleshoot?


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