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Re: Setting up Exim

On Tue, Aug 17, 1999 at 09:29:12PM +0200, vw@geus.DK wrote:
| Thanks for the quick response.
| Yes, it seems I can mail myself. I started "mail" and sent a message to
| "viggo" (my local username). It arrived promptly, and I was able to read it.
| I can not, however, find any file by that name (or any file at all) in my
| /home/viggo directory (using "dir" from an xterm, one the few recognizable
   If you're using the default setup, incoming mail is in
   /var/spool/mail/$USER ($USER - being the user name). Exim has it's
   own outgoing spool directory.  You can save mail anywhere under
   $HOME, though the default for many programs is $HOME/Mail.  Beware
   that different mail clients use different formats for storing mail.


Eric G. Miller
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