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Restore disk

  I have bought a new harddisk for my laptop and want to transfer Debian
(2.1) from the current to the new harddisk.  As this is a laptop I can't
connect both drives at the same time, so I created a .tar.gz file that I
stored on a different computer on the network.  In order to extract this
file to the new harddisk, I need to boot Linux and have available tar,
gzip, and network connectivity.  An extra complication is that I have a
PCMCIA network card, so I need everything related to that as well.

  How can I go about this?  I've tried to create a boot/root disk
combination using yard, but I can't get everything I need on 1.44 MB,
and formatted to larger size the floppies become unbootable.  The debian
(2.0) boot disk (or rather, bootable CDROM) I have doesn't seem to have
PCMCIA or tar on it.  I have a parallel port zip drive if that helps,
but I don't know how to boot from it.


Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
The Boot Control home page: http://www.xs4all.nl/~gklein/bcpage.html

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