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Re: Installing Netscape

Adam Krell wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to install Netscape Navigator and can't seem to get it to
> work.  I have downloaded this file: navigator-v461-export.x86-
> unknown-linuxglibc2.0.tar.gz
> from this location:
> /pub/communicator/english/4.61/unix/supported/linux20_glibc2/navi
> gator_standalone
> and installed it in /tmp directory (logged in as root).
> Then I use apt-get to install the package netscape4.
> It sees the communicator file in the /tmp directory and seems to
> install it.  It gives a message about "Netscape will not be able to
> read user mail spool files unless you set the 'external movemail
> program' to '/usr/lib/netscape/movemail' blah blah blah...
> When I startx I see navigator in the menu  (fvwm2) but when I
> select it nothing happens.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Please respond by e-mail.
> Thanks.
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> Adam Krell
> krell@life-mission.org
> http://www.life-mission.org/
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Navigator won't start from menu in root# , did you try user$  ??

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