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Installing admin packages

For the past 12 hours I've been waiting for debian (slink) to install the
admin packages to an ancient and very slow 486.  Is there a way to make
debian automatically install all of the admin packages without me having to
answer yes/no to different applications as they install?

It would be nice if there were a way to enter my choices upfront on one or
more screens and have everything istall automatically.  

Seems there should be a better way to install than to answer each of these
questions as a package is installed:   
   Yes make sash the default for root
   My news server is ....
   My default URL is...
   Etc etc etc

Since I have to wait for the package to begin installing to answer the
prompts it slows down everything else, especially if I'm away from my
office when slink gets to that point. Since it waits for me to answer the
prompts that means the entire installation process stops. Too bad it can't
just install everything that doesnt need an answer and then install
everything else, or the other way around...

Anyhow, if you know of a way I can start installing and not have to do
anything until all applications are installed please let me know. It could
save me some time the next time I reinstall.


p.s.  I know I know... if I installed it to my fast p2 system it wouldn't
take over 12 hours to install 577mb of files. The slink is for testing for
now and maybe later place the server online.

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