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Re: X window resolution extremely low

> hello,
> I installed slink on my workstation here @ work, and I'm having problems
> with the resolution of X...it's horribly low.  I'd say 300x240.  I've run
> xf86setup multiple times (with different setups) to no avail.  I think
> that hte problem may lie in the fact that it's a non-standard vid card,
> that's embedded on the MB.  the motherboard is a SiS Slot1/Socket 370
> model, and the vid card unit is a SiS620 (if I'm correct)...with, what I
> believe is 8MB RAM (anyway for me to check this?)
> I'd like to get it up to at least 8x6 @ 32bit, if not 1024x768 (16 or
> 32bit would be fine)
> any help would be appreciated!
> -lev

Have you tried switching through resolutions, maybe it just starts up on
the lowest default. 

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