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Re: no bash commands work

*- On  4 Aug, wonko wrote about "no bash commands work"
> i use xdm to logon in x and everything works in x, but when i switch to
> a different terminal for any command it says bash command not found, and
> i can't restart without going into xdm since i can't run the command...
> help!

Is it 'bash: command not found' or 'bash command not found', notice
the lack of the colon in the second.  If it is the first, bash is
saying that it can not find whatever command you just tried to run. It
sounds like a your path is not defined.  What does 'echo $PATH' show
in your X terminals compared to your console terminals? Can you run
commands using explicit paths, like /bin/ls? I am not sure why your
terminal windows in X are working and your console terminals are not.
Maybe you have a conditional statement somewhere that sets up differnet
environments for X and console. 

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