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Re: CD Image...

In article <37a93685.63102496@mail.netvigator.com> you write:
>there should be 4 discs..
>1. Debian Slink Disc 1 [base system + softwares]
>2. Debian Slink Disc 2 [contrib]
>3. Non-free [qt etc]
>4. Non-US [ssh, etc]

That's just _wrong_. There are 4 official images:

1. Main binary section 1, bootable where possible

2. Main binary section 2 (bootable on i386)
   Contrib (binary & source)

3. Main source section 1

4. Main source section 2

The source CDs are the same for all architectures, meaning we have a total
of 10 CD images for the 4 architectures.

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