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Re: (Parallel) Iomega Zip and a Printer

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

> >1)
> >Did you install the latest kernel with slink? 
> >Any problems with it?
> Not really.  There's a list of packages you should update to use 2.2
> with slink, but nothing major.

Yes, I think that they are listed in the installation manual. I might try
doing that 2.2x kernel installation next... 

> >2)
> >Does the Zip drive  work then that way that the printer is attached to 
the zip-drive?
> >
> >3)
> >What about then if I take the zip-drive off sometimes and attach printer
> >directly to the parallel port? 
> >
> >(In my case the zip drive isn't there
> >always. I'm using it in two machines.)  
> Yes to both.  The catch is that you need to load the 'imm' module when
> you add the drive, and remove the 'imm' module when you remove the
> drive.  

It sounds quite good. 


how do you give the exact commands how to 'load' and 'remove' the module?  


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