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Linux freezing up


I have on several occasions experienced a lockup of my system.  For no
apparent reason, it will freeze up.  It will not respond to any keyboard
control:  Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn't kill X, Ctrl-c, Ctrl-z, Ctrl-Alt-Del don't
do anything.  Caps lock, etc don't toggle the keyboard lights either.

What did find kind of strange, though, it was still connected to my ISP via
modem, and masquarading for the rest of the network.  I could ping it from a
win95 box, and 'see' the Internet through it.  I couldn't telnet/ftp into it
though, only ping and masq.

I had an uptime of 12 days when this happened.   It has done it before.  Where
would the problem lie?  Hardware? Kernel?

I'm running:
        -Kernel 2.2.10
        -AMD K6-350 on an A-trend Motherboard 

 Wim Kerkhoff              
 ICQ: 23284586

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