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Re: .xsession not being read?

carlf@panix.com (Carl Fink) writes:
> Thanks to everyone for the answers on installing KDE or GNOME on a
> 2.0 box.  I appreciate it.
> Installing GNOME brought something to mind I hadn't thought about,
> although I noticed it months ago:  my .xsession file is never read. 
> I had to edit the global /etc/X11/Xsession file to force X to load my
> window manager.  
> This is irritating.  Why would .xsession not be read?  Any ideas?  I
> have three Unix books and four Linux books here, and not one
> describes the X startup process even well enough for me to figure out
> which program actually reads Xsession and .xsession files.

On my system (slink) the user .xsession is executed from the system
Xsession. You might try taking the relevant lines out of there and
executing them manually to see what's up. The only part I see in my
Xsession that would cause ~/.xsession not to be started is if the line
"allow-user-xsession" doesn't appear in /etc/X11/Xsession.options.


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